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Hi, I'm Sasha and welcome to The Vegan Kitchen Boss - a collection of unique, plant-based, vegan recipes for the caring and compassionate busy-bees of this world. 

In late 2012, I turned to the vegan lifestyle to arm myself in my battle against bulimia. The mind shift from calorie and carbohydrate restriction to eating healthy, plant-based foods in abundance completely transformed my life, my relationship with foods, as well as the relationship with myself. 

My plan was simple: get in as many healthy, whole, plant-based foods as possible during the day, so then I was not voracious and tempted to binge at night. I spent a lot of time reprogramming my mind by questioning my emotions and long-term beliefs. With all my energy focused towards recovery, school, and interacting with the online vegan community, I was able to fully recover from bulimia and I lost a total of 40 pounds

I graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BS in Accounting and currently work as a Senior IT Auditor at one of the big four accounting firms. 

Although I work at a desk job that averages 45 hour weeks, I still am able to stay healthy, vibrant, and active thanks in large to my vegan diet. 

I must also give a tip-of-the-hat to weight lifting. After starting weight lifting in 2015, I have put on 15 pounds of muscle and increased my strength significantly. Many people are worried about getting protein on a vegan diet, however, I am able to get all of the protein I need eating just plants!

The focus of my recipes are to play with textures and flavors in such a way that even a self-proclaimed meat-eater would enjoy and to create recipes that are quick enough for the fellow busy-bees of the world.


Some of us have the luxury to sit on the beach and eat ripe, juicy mangoes all day, while the majority of us have full-time or part-time jobs and careers and life obligations that demand a lot of time. I know very well that the last thing you want at the end of a busy and stressful day is to eat a salad in earnest to be healthier and to try to lose some weight. Let's change the outlook on what healthy tastes like and what it takes to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Plant-based vegan Rice and Raw
Fit Girl at Waterfall
Before and After weight loss weight gain
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