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Breakfast Hash Brown Tacos

Healthy Vegan Breakfast Hash Brown Tacos

Break out of the ordinary breakfast food with these veggie & protein packed hash brown tacos.


What you will need:

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 Medium Yellow Onion, sliced

3 Cups Shredded Hash Brown

1/2 Package of Firm Tofu

1 tsp Smoked Paprika

1 tsp Garlic Powder

1 tsp Salt

Optional: Vegan Bacon (Such as Lightlife Smart Bacon or Sweet Earth Bacon)

Olive Oil Non-Stick Spray

1/2 Cup Button Mushrooms, sliced

1/2 Cup Grape Tomatoes, cut in halves

4 6" Flour Wraps (Recommended: Mission Wraps)

Fresh Cilantro



1) Heat olive oil in a large pan and add onion. Cook for about a minute then add the has browns. Let cook on medium stirring and flipping every 4 minutes or so. Cooking tip: do not mix the hash browns too frequently, or they will not brown.

2) Drain the tofu and press dry with paper towels. Cut into cubes and add to the hash browns after 10 minutes. You may need to add some extra olive oil to help it all crisp up.

3) Add smoked paprika, garlic powder, and salt.

4) Optional: After 5 more minutes, add bacon pieces. cook until the hash mixture is golden brown

5) Meanwhile, in a separate small pan, spray with olive oil and cook mushrooms over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Cook until the mushroom has browned. Optional: add salt to taste.

6) Once the mushrooms are done, transfer them to a plate and place aside. In the same small pan, spray olive oil again and add tomato halves. cook on medium-high until the tomato starts to char.

7) When the hash is done, put on separate plate and place aside.

8) Quickly wipe down the large pan and place flour tortillas in the pan over medium heat. Let them warm for 10-20 seconds then flip. Let this side warm for 20-30 seconds, or until you get a nice golden color. You want one side to be dough and soft and the other to be a bit more crisp.

9) Assemble the tacos by placing the hash mixture on the soft side of the tacos, top with mushrooms, tomatoes, cilantro and Hampton Creek Just Chipotle Ranch.

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