20 Vegan Bodybuilders That Will Change Your Outlook on Protein

20 Vegan Bodybuilders that will change your outlook on protein | Vegan Kitchen Boss

The stereotypical bodybuilder arsenal consists of cutoff tank tops, whey protein smoothies, a gallon water jug, and a love for meat, but there is a new wave of bodybuilders emerging: the Vegan Bodybuilder.

Dominick Thompson

Dominick is an Ironman Triathlete, bodybuilder, and animal activist. He also has a vegan clothing line, Crazies & Weirdos, to bring awareness to animal rights.

Torre Washington

Torre Washington will have you rethinking your protein sources. Raised vegetarian, Torre went vegan in 1998 and stared competing in bodybuilding in 2009.

Laurel Fredette

Laurel is a vegan lifter and trainer. Although she no longer competes, she is still killing it in the gym and motivating others.

Nimai Delgado

Nimai has never eaten meat. I repeat: Nimai has NEVER eaten meat! He is an IFBB Pro and a mechanical engineer.

Bianca Taylor

Bianca has taken over vegan Instagram feeds with her unique "Vegan" booty tattoo and impressive physique. This warrior princess is not afraid to lift heavy and fight for the animals.

Jon Venus

Jon knows the power of whole foods and promotes a healthy fit lifestyle on his popular YouTube channel. He has a beautiful wife, Kathrine, who shares his passion for fitness and good vegan food.

John Lewis (BadassVegan)

John's smile is infectious and his passion for animal rights, a healthy lifestyle, and inspiring others shines through everything he does.

Crissi Carvalho

Crissi made headlines when she won the Arnold Classic Bikini Master title in 2016 at the age of 42. She also recently competed on American Ninja Warrior. "The best and kindest thing we can do for our own health and well-being is to eat less meat, save animal lives and end the cruelty. This lifestyle also helps restore our environment…and our earth ‘s future depends on it." - Crissi Carvalho

Ryan Nelson