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Rustic Green Beans
Green Salad
Beautiful Purple Artichokes

Quick plant-based recipes with complex flavors and textures

I know very well that the last thing you want at the end of a busy and stressful day is to eat a salad in earnest to be healthier and to try to lose some weight. Let's change the outlook on what healthy tastes like and what it takes to achieve a healthy lifestyle. ​

Eating a vegan diet is not just for hippies, hipsters, and tree-huggers. Replacing your protein sources with plant-based foods is surprisingly easy and comes with many benefits.


You might be picturing salads, veggies, and rabbit food; you might be picturing biking to work with your bio-degradable water bottle and eco-friendly shoes made from recycled plastic recovered from the oceans. Sure, that is one way to choose to live your life as a vegan, but you can also choose to continue to live your life in a very similar manner to what you have been doing, with a few minor tweaks that has the potential for great impact.


Vegan Kitchen Boss is a collection of plant-based recipes  that make being vegan easy and delicious. 

For your Health, for the Environment, and for the Animals

Start with taking small and manageable steps to a healthier life by having delicious and refreshing smoothies for breakfast. 

Packed Schedule? Start with a Smoothie Every Morning

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